Sandy Ridge Farms -
Over the Year we will have Farm Fresh Produce and Meats Available.

All of our produce meats are naturally raised (meaning no hormones, antibiotics or animal proteins in the feed). We own a feed mill where we mix our own feed, so we know the exact ingredients that are being fed to our animals.

Farm Fresh Eggs.

We produce Extra Large Brown Eggs and they are sold by the Dozen.
The Cost of a Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs is $1.50

Farm Fresh Meat Chickens

During the Summer we raise all Natural Chickens. These birds are butchered in their prime, then sold by the pound.

The Cost per Pound this year (2014) is $2.25 a lb.
Birds average between 4 and 8 pounds a whole bird.

Farm Fresh Turkeys

We also raise Natural Turkeys for Thanksgiving. These Turkeys are large tender birds.

Farm Raised Natural Freezer Beef
Over the years we have developed our own cow-calf herd of Angus cross beef cows. In the spring we start calving around April. In November we wean these calves and put them in a separate area to start graining them with the best grains available so they can grow and mature. The fallowing fall these cattle are mature enough to be butchered or kept for our breeding herd. We have a local butcher who does all of our butchering for us. Customers get to pick their cuts and thicknesses. This meat has some of the best flavor you could imagine. Its not to fatty and not to lean. It has the perfect consistency.
We sell our freezer beef in 1/4's, 1/2's, 3/4's and full cows.
If you are interested in some freezer beef
please contact us at (989) 330-5459 to get on our contact list.
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